Artist Creates Magical Artworks With Just A Few Lines

By - On 19th February 2020

Florian Metzler is an Austrian contemporary artist who is well known by his social media handle Flowsofly. He creates magical artworks with minimal,..

This Artist Creates Illustrations Inspired From Her Own Relationship

By - On 27th April 2019

Amanda Oleander is a contemporary fine artist from Los Angeles. She creates art that every girl can relate to their..

Artworks That Depict What’s Wrong With The World Now

By - On 18th March 2019

The world has changed a lot over the last few years. Here are some thought-provoking artworks that depict what is..

Polish Artist Creates Artworks Which Will Make You See Depression In A Different Light

By - On 23rd January 2019

Dawid Planeta is a 29 years old Polish artist who creates artworks to fight his depression. He turned his misfortune..

Minimal illustrations by Agathe Sorlet will redefine love & relationships for you

By - On 23rd January 2019

Agatha Sorlet is a french illustrator and animator based in Paris. Majority of her work portrays love and relationship from..


Animals That Get High On Drugs

By - On 23rd February 2020

Since the stone age, humans are known for their strong desire to experience altered state of consciousness. Whether it’s our ancestors..

How Will It Affect The World If All The Drugs Are Legalized One Day?

By - On 8th July 2019

This is a random question that has popped up in my mind so I decided to contemplate that thought. The..

Your Gene Could Be Attributed For Your Cannabis Addiction

By - On 19th March 2019

A new study conducted by Danish researchers found that people could have genetic predisposition to pot addiction.  Marijuana is the..

Mystical Psychedelic Substance DMT Is Found In Mammalian Brains

By - On 13th February 2019

A study in rats conducted by the scholars of Michigan Medical University has found out the presence of popular psychedelic..

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