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Animals That Get High On Drugs

Since the stone age, humans are known for their strong desire to experience altered state of consciousness. Whether it’s our ancestors chewing on mind-altering plants such as Peyote and Mesal bean or the hippies in 50’s pampering themselves with psychedelics, it’s safe to say that usage of drugs is something that unites every human since evolution. But we are not the only species on earth to indulge with drugs, several animals are known to use drugs and enjoy the kick of it. 
1. Jaguar
Animals getting high on drugs Jaguar
Jaguars in the Amazon rain-forest have been observed to get high on Caapi plants ( Banisteriopsis caapi). Caapi plants contain a large amount of DMT which causes them to act strangely, such as, sniffing, rolling and these wild cats become as playful as a kitten. In fact, many historians and scientists believe that humans learned to use drugs by noticing how jaguars getting high.
2. Dolphins
Animals that get high on drugs dolphin
Dolphins have been observed getting high on neurotoxins produced by pufferfish. The marine mammals carry the pufferfish in their mouth and squeeze them to release their neurotoxins, then dolphins sup on these toxins to get themselves experience the altered state of consciousness. It has been recorded on several occasions that the dolphins staying motionless at the surface of the water after experiencing intoxication from the venom of pufferfish. 
3. Deer
deer getting high on drugs
Many different types of deer including reindeer and muse eat psychedelic mushrooms. After eating the mushroom, it is observed that the deer will display drunken behaviors, such as running around, making random loud noises, etc. Rudolph the reindeer, popularly known as ‘Santa’s reindeer’ and his flying herd-mates actually originates from Siberia, a region known for the high abundance of psychedelic mushrooms known as Amanita muscaria, which is toxic for human beings but not for reindeer. Legends have it that pragmatic native shamans collect reindeer urine and drink it to get high. 
4. Elephants
animal getting high on drugs elephant
Elephants get high liquors and Marula Tree. Like humans, elephants are also complex and social animals, they exhibit a lot of human characters. There are many incidents of elephants getting drunk in countries like India. In 2007, a bunch of elephants gotten into an Indian village, broke into their beer parlors and got drunk. In another incident, drunk Elephants got into the village and 6 people were dead during the madness. It has also been believed that elephants get high off the fermenting fruits of the Marula tree, a medium-sized tree, found mainly in Southern Africa. 
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