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Artworks That Depict What’s Wrong With The World Now

The world has changed a lot over the last few years. Here are some thought-provoking artworks that depict what is wrong with the world these days. 

This artwork by Elliana Esquivel represents the addiction of the present society and how people attempt to brainwash one another.

This art by Pawel Kuczynski represents the growing drug addiction of the present society. This person is quieting a baby (addiction) with a pacifier (with a drug of his choice)

This piece by Marco Melgrati depicts how animals are being misused for entertainment. It is known that in countries like Thailand, animals like tigers are drugged to keep them calm.

This artwork by Steve Cutts depicts the current mechanism of consumption. 

This artwork by Alex Jenkins portrays how much effort an individual puts to impress the world while being fragile on the inside. 

This art piece by John Holcroft represents how people’s ego these days is dependent on acceptance from social media. 
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