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How can you improve your life in 2 weeks?

Yes, you can! Your routines and habits have a huge influence on the quality of the life you live. it is important to have routines and making sure that you follow a healthy routine. Routines help with your stress and anxiety. Famous author Henry van Dyke Jr. quoted as saying “As long as habit and routine dictate the pattern of living, new dimensions of the soul will not emerge.” It is true indeed, our routines have effects on our lives and studies suggest that it is vital for our mental health. Researches have found that routines have extensive psychological effects, including alleviating insomnia, anxiety, ADHD, and bipolar disorder.
So if you want to improve the quality of your life and mental health, ‘going with the flow’ isn’t really the right option. 
1. Maintaining the sleep-wake pattern.

Wake up morning

A well-relaxed sleep at night is essential for our well-being and health. It is important to stick to the regular daily rhythm; being active through the day time and sleeping at night. Going to sleep and wake up at the same time every day is more beneficial than you think. A study conducted by The Lancet psychiatry explains that breaking the rhythm increases the risk of mood instability and lower happiness. So, say bye to the nocturnal life to have a happy life.
2. Set fitness goals.
Workout change life
Julie Winegard
It is a well-known fact that exercising is good for your body. Adding regular work out to your routine will leave a positive impact on your health and overall attitude. It is better to work out in the morning as it improves your energy level for the whole day, it also improves blood circulation and lymphatic system. Setting a goal will provide motivation and gives you a sense of satisfaction. 
3. Nutrition.
Healthy Food change life
Chi Birmingham
Following a healthy diet will affect your overall energy and attitude all day long. Never skip breakfast and include foods rich in protein, whole grains, fiber, and healthy fats. Reduce the intake of sugar and coffee. 
4. Limit the amount of social media usage.
Social media addict
Motion Bogdan
Social media is everywhere, it takes up a huge part of our lives every day. Too much of anything is harmful. Researches show that spending prolonged time on social media leads to low self-esteem and increased anxiety. So, stop fomoing, give more attention to your friends, family, or pets. don’t let the distorted reality distract you. 
5. Stay away from negativity/toxicity.
Cut Negativity from life
Christopher Kaeser
This one doesn’t belong to routines but this is an essential habit to keep for a positive life. , make sure that you detach yourself from it. There is a ‘fake’ quote from Einstein that has been going around on the internet; “Stay away from negative people because they have a problem for every solution”. Whether Einstein has already said it or not, the quote is absolutely right. Evaluate negative relationships and keep yourself away from the negativity. It is also important to free yourself from negative media. Mainstream media is inflated with toxic content, the trend has shifted from creating quality media to creating sensational content. Instead of wasting time on TV, focus more on your hobbies, and be choosy with the media you rely upon for fun and information. 
6. Treat yourself better.
Treat yourself better
Liz Yerby
In a world of constant chaos, everyone deserves to feel pampered. Treating yourself better will give you a sense of self-importance and confidence, and it is the easiest way to hit your internal ‘reset’ button. While some people may link the word ‘pampering’ to being lavish, it doesn’t have to be in a lavish and extravagant way. Simply going for a walk on the beach, buying yourself some simple things, or even cooking yourself your favorite food can pampering. 
7. Keep them in autopilot mode.
It may sound simple but it takes a little effort to make these habits a part of your routine, but trust me, it’s worth it. 
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